The Osprey Brand Of Backpacks

In 1990, Mike Pfotenhauer and his wife, Diane Wren started the company. This is a company that makes the finest backpacks in the world and it was built out of the sheer love of the recreational outdoors. Knowing that the company treats its customers with the respect that they deserve is something that all hikers should admire. Osprey has some great backpack models for 2020. When these adventurers are planning a trip to the Kern River, they should consider one of these fantastic Osprey backpacks:

  1. Osprey Aura AG — Best “Do-It-All Backpack
  2. Osprey Porter — Best Carry-On Backpack
  3. Osprey DayLite — Best Daypack
  4. Osprey Lumina — Best Hiking Backpack
  5. Osprey Sirrus — Best Short Treks Backpack
  6. Osprey Ariel Pro – Best Multiday Hiker Backpack
  7. Osprey Ozone Convertible – Best Rolling Backpack

The Osprey Warranty

The Osprey guarantee is called the Almighty Guarantee. The company will repair any defect or damage for free and it doesn’t matter how it happened. If they are not able to fix it for some reason, they will replace the item for a customer. What is also exceptional about this company’s guarantee is that it doesn’t matter when a person purchased the item and that includes the purchase of a backpack. This is an excellent idea for a person that is going to hike the Kern River.

Osprey And Customer Service

With excellent customer service, Osprey handles all questions professionally and courteously. They will handle any issues, concerns or problems in an efficient manner that is impressive to the people that do business with them. Since they are a knowledgeable company that has the experience that is needed to back their products, they always help their customers whenever it is needed. Since there may be many questions that a person might have about a backpack that they want to use for their hiking trip along the Kern river, they know that they will be given the answers that they require from this company at all times.

Hiking the Kern River is a tremendously adventurous time for many people. They love that the outdoors in the area is rugged terrain and it provides for awesome skill and knowledge of hiking when they take it upon themselves to go. When they hike in the area, they will be challenged at times but always they will be making memories that will last them a lifetime.


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