Backpacking Along The Kern River

People that love to backpack will probably have heard about the Kern River. The Kern River is located in California. It stretches 164 miles as it drains the Sierra Mountain on the southern side. Due to its location, it is well known for wilderness hiking and whitewater rafting. People that enjoy these sports will want to entertain the notion of enjoying a visit to the Kern River.

Kern River Backpacking

When backpacking along the Kern River, people will want to first and foremost always be safe. They should plan their trip out in advance on one or more of the hiking trails that are available to them. Including many things on their trip is a good idea. They should always make sure that they have the following with them so that their trip will proceed along as pleasantly as possible:

  • 1. Backpack - Having the proper backpack for their trip is essential.  They will want to look at the various types in the next section of the article for tips on which ones will work the best for them as they are hiking through the Kern River.
    2. Maps - They should always have a variety of maps that they can use. Plotting out their trip ahead of time will save them a lot of anguish as the trails can get tricky. For safety reasons, they will not want to take the trip alone. They should always have someone along with them or plan to go in a group.
  • 3. Flashlight - A flashlight will be needed when the daylight changes to nightfall. Since they will want to carry extra batteries, they should make sure that they have plenty of them with them.
  • 4. Tent - If they are planning to spend the night on their hiking expedition, they should make sure that they take a tent along with them. They will need this to protect themselves from the elements at night while they are sleeping.
  • 5. Food And Water - They should bring along plenty of food and water. Having the necessities will ensure that they keep up their strength on the difficult terrain.
  • 6.  Compass - A compass should always be carried on any hiking trip.  Getting a lightweight one is a good idea so that it doesn't weigh down the hiker.
  • 7. Lighter - Bringing along a lighter is another essential. Matches are a good idea also. This will help in creating a fire when it is needed while they are hiking along the Kern River during the day or the night.
  • 8. Cell Phone - A cell phone is a necessity to have with them while they are hiking. For safety reasons and for picture taking, a cell phone is just what is needed.
  • 9. Bug Spray - Keeping the bugs away is something all hikers need to think about. Bringing along a good bug spray will ensure that they are not attacked by the many bugs that will be in the area.
  • 10. Proper Clothing - They should bring along the proper clothing for their trip. Checking for the weather on the days that they will be in the area is important. They will be able to plan better on what clothing to bring when they know the weather pattern.

What Type Of Backpack Should Be Used When Hiking The Kern River

Having the proper backpack along with them will make their hiking expedition go a lot smoother. They will be able to carry all of their essentials with them when they have the proper one. Here are the various types that they can choose from on their hiking expedition along the Kern River:

1. Daypack - A daypack is a small version of a backpack. This is one that is made to carry a small array of items for hikers that are only planning to spend a day on the terrain of the Kern River. A typical daypack is between 21 – 35 liters for just the bare essentials. The larger one is 36 – 50 liters and this is better for longer day trips.

2. Technical Pack - Made much like a backpack, the technical pack is smaller. It has webbing on the outside to put damp clothing in and offers compartments for various items. This is the type of pack that should be used when a hiker will be getting wet in the waters along the Kern River during their daytime trip. It is made for short trips.

3. Hiking Backpack - The hiking backpack is one that is made to hold a lot of items, even a tent if it is needed. This is the pack that a hiker will want to get if they are planning to stay overnight in the Kern River area. They will find that there are compartments to fit all of their necessary items and a lot more. It is also easy for them to carry with shoulder straps made for comfort.Enter your text here...


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